Bend Reiki Clinic - Company Message
Lisa Fulkerson
Usui/Tibetan and Kundalini Reiki Master

Lisa has been practicing energy work since 2003 and feels very honored to do this work. For her, it's been amazing to see the peace and transformation that people experience after their sessions. 
She grew up in a family who valued meditation, with grandmothers would wake up early and sit in stillness to feel the expansiveness of God. They would listen for the still small voice inside. What we all have inside of us.  Lisa feels blessed to have been raised witnessing this and came into her personal understanding of meditation during college. Since then, she has continued to seek out the mysteries and depth of this world and beyond.   Utilizing healing energies as a practitioner has enabled her to help those find peace within themselves. Lisa serves as a conduit or catalyst to those in need of healing and balance.
She has witnessed energy healing to be transformational on all levels, from spiritual to emotional to physical. While the experience is always different, people get exactly what you need. The Universe knows.   
Chesley Strowd
Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master
Cynthia Jurgensen
Usui Holy Fire and Kundalini Reiki Master
(541) 815-2401

Cynthia Steward Jurgensen, a native Oregonian; lived in the greater Seattle area for 20 years before returning to Oregon. Calling Powell Butte her home now for 16 years, she resides on five acres with her husband, two cats and dog.

In her childhood, Cynthia was a Camp Fire Girl, and learned to live the motto, Wo-He-Lo (work, health, love). To this day, Cynthia enjoys connecting and helping others. Professionally, Cynthia has worked in the retail, hospitality and non-profit industries.

Cynthia was drawn to Reiki energy work following the death of her father. From her first visit and Reiki session, she felt the “call” to learn more about Reiki and how it worked. Now a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Cynthia is able to teach (her passion) Reiki to others. She also volunteers at St Charles in their Integrative Therapies Department (Cancer Center). Doing Reiki for cancer patients is extremely rewarding and benefits not only the patient, but is also of benefit to Cynthia’s heart. Throughout her life, Cynthia has heard people say to her “It’s too back you can’t bottle up your energy and sell it! You would be rich!” It is Cynthia’s belief that she is rich as a result of her life experiences through helping others find peace and balance on their life journey.
Katlin Friedman
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master
(541) 788-3146

Katlin and her husband Lester moved from the Seattle area to Bend in 1996. Her professional background was in Vocational Education. Falling in love with the Bend community Katlin embraced multiple volunteer opportunities while also enjoying snowboarding, hiking, cross country skiing and biking. She and Lester loved working in partnership as Brokers at Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate for 10 years before she left to work at St. Charles hospital. 

Currently offering Reiki at St. Charles’ Integrative Therapies Department as a volunteer Katlin is very pleased to join the team at Bend Reiki Clinic. As an Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, Katlin also offers Reiki treatment for animals through her pet care business, Guardian Pet Care,   

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