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Cynthia Steward Jurgensen, a native Oregonian; lived in the greater Seattle area for 20 years before returning to Oregon. Calling Powell Butte her home now for 19 years, she resides on five acres with her husband, two cats and dog. 

Cynthia Jurgensen

Usui Holy Fire and Kundalini Reiki Master

(541) 815-2401

(Teaches Reiki Classes Only)

In her childhood, Cynthia was a Camp Fire Girl, and learned to live the motto, Wo-He-Lo (work, health, love). To this day, Cynthia enjoys connecting and helping others. Professionally, Cynthia has worked in the retail, hospitality and non-profit industries.

Cynthia was drawn to Reiki energy work following the death of her father. From her first visit and Reiki session, she felt the “call” to learn more about Reiki and how it worked. Now a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Cynthia enjoys the gifts of teaching Reiki to those who want to join the Reiki journey as a practitioner. 

Throughout her life, Cynthia has heard people say to her “It’s too bad you can’t bottle up your energy and sell it! You would be rich”. It is Cynthia’s belief that she is “rich” from her life experiences and through helping others find peace and balance on their life journey.

Katlin Friedman

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master

(541) 788-3146

Katlin and her hand blown quartz Crystal Lyre will gently infuse pure healing sound and soothing vibration along with Katlin’s hands-on healing through light touch Reiki to your body and energy field. You will relax deeply as Katlin’s loving touch assists you in releasing energy that no longer serves you, clearing and balancing your body, mind, spirit and energetic field.

An Usui Tibetan Master, Katlin has volunteered at St. Charles Hospital Cancer Center Integrative Therapies Department from 2013 to present. Patients notice increased well-being and decreased anxiety and pain.

Katlin practiced as “Light Touch Reiki Experience” at the Bend Reiki Clinic from 2014 to 2017. Each Client-Friend is cherished and given tender loving care. Practicing now at The Studio at Blissful Heart Healing Center near downtown Bend, Katlin welcomes you to experience well-Being.

Animals hold a special place in Katlin’s heart and her Guardian Pet Care service offers her Clients’ pet’s anxiety and pain relief in their own home or at The Studio. Fusing intuitive direction, guided insight, loving heart connection and focused intention, Katlin’s touch of Light is in alignment with her client’s personal desires at their highest expression.

Katlin grew up providing hands-on healing to her family and friends. Naturally empathic, her early childhood memories include hours of laying-on-of-hands through empathic massage. Katlin has studied and lovingly applied many healing modalities as learned from gifted teachers.

Katlin and her husband Lester have loved living in Bend since 1998. Katlin has a devoted contemplative practice of Centering Prayer meditation and is associated with Central Oregon Contemplative Outreach leadership team. She has practiced yoga for 46 years and savors time with family, friends, animals and nature. She is grateful for all this and for her healing gifts. 

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