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Previous Reiki Classes

Usui/Tibetan, Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki I, II, M​aster Classes

Chesley teaches various Reiki Classes for Reiki I, II and Master levels of training. The prices and timeframe vary depending on the class you choose. If you are interested in Reiki classes with Chesley, please contact her directly at 541-419-8137. 

Kundalini Reiki

Lisa teaches one on one Kundalini Reiki classes. For more information on the link below. Distance attunements are $50 per session and in-person classes are $95 per session.


Upcoming Reiki Classes


$495 ($150 Deposit due by April 20th; Remainder due by May 13th)

Lisa Fulkerson's House


* Reiki Manual

* Immersive Experience with 3 Teachers

* Healing Reiki Meditations

* Hands-on Practicum Experience

* Reiki Certificate with your name, class and date of completion. 

For More Info or to Register:

Please contact Lisa Fulkerson (541.325.3000) or

Chesley Strowd (541.419.8137) 

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