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Feel free to connect with us.  We're  happy to answer any questions.

Our office is located near downtown Bend


Lisa Fulkerson

Usui/Tibetan and Kundalini Reiki Master

541-325-3000 (text or call)

Lisa has been practicing energy work since 2003 and feels very honored to do this work. For her, it's been amazing to see the peace and transformation that people experience after their sessions. 

She grew up in a family who valued meditation, with grandmothers would wake up early and sit in stillness to feel the expansiveness of God. They would listen for the still small voice inside. What we all have inside of us. Lisa feels blessed to have been raised witnessing this and came into her personal understanding of meditation during college. Since then, she has continued to seek out the mysteries and depth of this world and beyond. Utilizing healing energies as a practitioner has enabled her to help those find peace within themselves. Lisa serves as a conduit or catalyst to those in need of healing and balance.

She has witnessed energy healing to be transformational on all levels, from spiritual to emotional to physical. While the experience is always different, people get exactly what you need. The Universe knows.   

For more information about Lisa and the modalities she practices, which include Pranic Healing, The Reconnection, Reconnective Healing and Kundalini Reiki Attunements, Healy, BEMER PEMF Mat, go to

Originally from Portland, Lisa has lived in Bend with her husband and three boys for 20 years and loves the community and the water and mountain energy.

Chesley Strowd, MS, NCC, LPC

Usui/Tibetan and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher


Chesley appreciates that all living things are connected by the same web of energy and that we all share this same energy as different and unique expressions of the divine. At times, we feel disconnected from this energy of our true selves whether because of trauma, mistaken perceptions of truth or various negative messages we received in childhood about ourselves, others and the world. We often see the world as external and rarely recognize it as a reflection of our internal landscape. Since we are wired for connection, this sense of disconnection can lead to existential issues that become so burdening that we lose our sense of connection with ourselves, others and the world around us. This is where Reiki can benefit us, by tapping into the universal life force energy that knows just what we need and how to embrace our authentic selves.

Chesley holds a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health and is a National Certified Counselor as well as a Coach and Clinical Supervisor. She became certified as an Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher between 2010-2013 and was certified in Holy Fire III Reiki in 2020. She volunteered as a Reiki practitioner at the St. Charles Cancer Center for several years prior to obtaining her counseling degree. She was in awe of the courageous cancer patients whom she had the privilege of knowing and repeatedly witnessed alleviation of their pain, anxiety and depression with an increase in overall sense of well-being. Chesley is often described as having a warm and compassionate nature with authentic curiosity and a genuine desire to assist in clients’ empowerment. Her approach to counseling and Reiki is based on the belief that suffering is inevitable and manifests differently for everyone. She believes we are more than our thoughts, feelings and struggles and that it is possible to make meaning of our lives in order to move forward and awaken to our full potential. Her mission is to collaborate with and assist clients in discovering their authentic self for a more fulfilled life through practical tools for building internal resources for resilience. She creates a safe space that honors clients’ free will to allow new discoveries to be made and new skills to be practiced so clients can function at their optimal state of well-being.

Chesley is naturally drawn to assist clients in decreasing anxiety, pain, depression and trauma symptomology while increasing confidence, health and well-being. Her underlying approach is to help facilitate growth, awareness and meaning in clients’ lives through application of concepts derived from the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) including mindfulness, biofeedback, trauma-informed care and Mindful Self-Compassion skills development. She also facilitates guided meditations, utilizes HeartMath, IFS, somatic work and incorporates Clinical EFT (tapping) in sessions as needed.

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